Trimos Height Gauges * 1

Trimos Height Gauges * 1 A wide variety of tools exist which serve such functions, ranging from simple pieces of material against which sizes can be measured to complex pieces of machinery. Depending on usage, a gauge can be described as “a device for measuring a physical quantity”, for example “to determine thickness, gap in…

TR-306 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer * 1

TR-306 Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer * 1 As X-ray fluorescence spectrometry permits the non-destructive elemental analysis of solid, powder, and liquid samples as well as rapid, non-destructive testing for harmful elements in printed circuit boards and other electronic devices. It is widely used by electronics and automobile manufacturers around the world for receiving and…

Lathe machine * 2

Lathe machine * 2 Lathes are used in woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning, thermal spraying, parts reclamation, and glass-working.  Most suitably equipped metalworking lathes can also be used to produce most solids of revolution, plane surfaces and screw threads or helices. Max. Allowable Dimension: 1000 * 430 mm

NCY-32M/NCY-36M Milling Machine * 1

NCY-32M/NCY-36M Milling Machine * 1 “NCY-32M/NCY-36M Milling Mchine NCY-32M / 36M Sliding Head CNC Lathe performs turning, milling, drilling, tapping, cutting and slide turning, all in one operation. Our sliding headstock design, combined with PC-based CNC control, offers high efficiency and precise machining. Max. Allowable Dimension: 1400 * 500 mm